A rebuilding of your relationship with your body from the ground up. A peacemaking with anxiety. A reboot. An education. A complete inner and outer shift.

It’s Called the Inner Shift Body Transformation Intensive because it’s intense.

Intense as in the 1-2-3 punch of Customized Personal Training, Nutrition Coaching, and Behavior Change Coaching combined into a powerful, 3-month program. Intense as in fierce support. Intense as in it will empower you to change your life.

The Inner Shift Body Transformation Intensive combines Body and Mind work on parallel tracks. You’ll get fitter and stronger, develop a new level of body awareness, and transform your nutrition. 

You’ll also learn how to tune in to your body, develop mindfulness, and transform how you manage anxiety in your life.


The Inner Shift Body Transformation Intensive is your personal mind-body game changer.

During your 12 weeks in the Inner Shift Body Transformation Intensive you’ll receive:


  • Twelve weekly 60-minute one-on-one training sessions (virtual or in-person)
  • Twelve weekly 45 min Nourish coaching sessions (phone or virtual) focusing on Nutrition and Behavior Change Coaching, building a healthy movement foundation, and the mind-body connection in anxiety management 
  • Two phases of customized personal training programming of six weeks each, tailored to you as an individual and designed to meet your fitness goals
  • Weekly worksheets, journaling/thought work exercises, and homework supporting your individual behavior change and nutrition goals
  • A tailored weekly workout and healthy habit building schedule
  • Fierce support from me every step of the way
  • $1799 for the entire three-month program

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