Courtyard Boot Camp

Outdoor Boot Camps in a private courtyard in Downtown Easton. Getting your butt kicked has never been this much fun!

Welcome to Courtyard Boot Camp by Inner Shift Fitness!

What is it? Courtyard Boot Camp by Inner Shift Fitness is a 6-week series of circuit-style, full-body outdoor workouts designed to build your strength, stamina, overall badassery.  

What do we do? We take equipment like Kettlebells, TRX, Slam Balls, Battle Ropes and more, sprinkle in a dash of HIIT and Tabata, mix it all together into a full-body circuit workout. Then we turn it into good vibes, good sweat and good fun!

Where does it happen? In a private outdoor courtyard in Downtown Easton, PA

What’s the secret sauce?  Courtyard Boot Camp programming is designed to be progressive - the workouts build on each other from week to week so you’ll be as challenged by week six as you were on day one.

"I never thought I’d look forward to an early morning boot camp class until I’ve experienced Inner Shift Fitness. Natascha is the perfect blend of badass motivation and kindness, encouraging me to push beyond my comfort zone, while still honoring my body and keeping good form. The workouts always have a great soundtrack and she has fostered a supportive, accepting community of people. I feel safe there as well, as we’re outdoors, spaced apart, and there is hand sanitizer at every workout station."

- Mackenzie H.


The next series of Courtyard Boot Camps 6-week series kicks off on November 3rd. The cost for the entire six weeks is $89. Each Courtyard Boot Camp group is limited to 7 people in order to maintain social distancing. Click the day and time below to sign up!

TUESDAYS AT 7:30 AM - Drop-ins available - contact me to find out more!



Here's what people are saying about Courtyard Boot Camp: 

"I have been doing the Courtyard Bootcamp every week and it has been amazing. Natascha gives you a great work out and she also makes it fun. She is so encouraging and also helps me work on my form so I know I am getting the best results. I can tell every week I am getting stronger and I also feel more confident with myself. I look forward to going every week, unlike going to a gym somewhere."  -Angela S.

"I attend a weekday morning HIIT group class. Before we begin, Natascha explains every exercise, provides modified versions, and while we're going through the circuit workout she's constantly checking in, making sure we have correct form and cheering us on.
It's not an easy time to be leading group workouts (Covid-19). Stations are outside and far apart, and there is hand sanitizer everywhere. Natascha does a really great job of keeping things "normal" while keeping us engaged, mixing up the exercises every week.
There is time before and after class to discuss personal goals and fitness levels. She's a very good listener and remembers what everyone says from week to week.
If you're unsure of your fitness level, she's the kind of person that will push you to work harder but not beyond your means and NEVER make you feel "less than." It's not a competitive class. It's about doing what you can for the time you're there, and then being done for the day! :)"  -Amy W.



Awesome! The next six-week series starts this month, and there are a limited number of spots left. Click the button below to get in touch about signing up!