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What’s It Like To Train With Me?

Do you want to feel strong? Confident? Empowered? Juicy? Vivacious? At home in your body and comfortable in your own skin? Like you could strut into any room and own it? 


Let me ask you: when was the last time you felt this way? Was it years ago? (That’s too long) Have you been told that there’s an age limit to feeling this way? (There isn’t) How much longer are you willing to wait until you feel that way again? (Don’t waste any more time)


Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve felt good in your body, and you miss it. Maybe it’s something you’ve been telling yourself that you’ll deal with – someday. Maybe you really want to get started – you’re ready – but you have no idea where to start.


I believe that training is a collaboration, and it’s one that starts with you. That’s why our work together starts by identifying your personal fitness goals – your “why” – and mapping out a path to get you there. 


Here’s the thing: everyone has their own starting point, and “fitness” means something different to each of us. Cookie-cutter approaches and one-size-fits-all training programs are simply not effective. And what’s worse, since they’re not effective they can set you up for feeling like you’ve failed, like it’s your fault it didn’t work for you, and that makes it that much harder to try again.


So, how do we do create a training program that sets you up to succeed, one that’s custom-made for you?


By using a progressive, holistic, customized approach to personal training that’s research-based and tailored to you as an individual. Because last time I checked, there’s only one of you, right?


Your Inner Shift Fitness training program brings together movement, mindset, and nutrition – an approach that takes care of the body and the mind. We’ll work together to develop a customized, transformational training plan that’s as unique as you are – your own personal, sustainable, life-changing fitness roadmap. 


One that works for your life, meeting you where you are today while getting you where you want to go. 


One that improves your flexibility, stability, strength, and stamina. 


One that makes you feel like a badass. 


So, I guess my only question is this: what are you waiting for?


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